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23 Jan 2013

Windows 8- Forismatic Review

By Wednesday, January 23, 2013 , , ,

Restoring faith in humanity..

Whether you're sad or happy, depressed or not depressed, motivated or not motivated, Forismatic by Coppertino Inc. is one app to check out. Forismatic delivers quotes everyday in a beautiful and simple way. Forismatic is a great app whether on a touch or non-touch Windows 8 device. 

 You get quotes from popular people everyday. They are beautifully presented on a black background and white text, which is Night Mode.

 You can change to Day mode within Settings in the Charms bar to invert the color scheme. 

There are 2 modes. One is Inspire Me. All you have to do is click or swipe to see a new inspiring quote. The other is Relax Mode. Sit back and relax. The app will display new quotes on its own.

You can copy the quote to Clipboard and if you're interested in knowing more about the author you can see their Wiki. Neat addition. 

A quite neglected feature is the ability to search quotes. You can search quotes by typing in the author name. Another handy addition, but it shows a negative point about the app: Less quotes. There are thousands of quotes from thousands of famous people, but on Forismatic there are just a handful. Big names like Mahatma Gandhi and his inspirational quotes were left out. 

The live tile of the app shows quotes which change continuously. Blue background and white text, another good looking combination.

In my opinion, Forismatic is a beautiful app. The quotes really motivate the mind and body. The only concern is less quotes. Otherwise I see no reason why anyone should have complains. Forismatic gets: 


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