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22 Jan 2013

Windows 8- Cut The Rope Review

By Tuesday, January 22, 2013 , , ,

So much candy you'll become diabetic..

Cut The Rope is an already popular game on iOS and Android, but it has made it's entry to Windows 8 too. Cut The Rope was developed by Zepto Labs and the main objective of the game is to, well, cut the rope. 

Cut The Rope stars the cute character Om Nom. By cutting ropes in a sequential manner, you have to feed him candy. If you miss, he makes a really cute "Aww" sound and make a cute expression, which will make you feel guilty for the rest of your life. Along with ropes, there are other items too which you must use properly. One wrong step and you make Om Nom sad. 

While feeding candy to Om Nom, you have to collect the 3 stars by moving the candy around. The more stars you collect, the more stages, known as boxes in the game, you can unlock. There are 11 boxes, and each box has 25 levels. This means you can waste utilize a lot of time playing the game. 

The live tile of the app displays the number of stars you have collected. I have only collected 36 stars so far.

The app is initially free, but you get to try only 6 levels from the first 2 boxes. If you want to play any further you need to buy an  in-app purchase to be able to play the other levels. The price of the in-app purchase is a steep $4.99, which is comparatively much higher. iOS and Android versions are only a dollar. Some people might find the price too much, but in my opinion Zepto Labs has done a really good job porting the game to Windows 8, taking good advantage of the horizontal screen, and definitely deserve each and every cent of the $4.99, except what Microsoft takes away from each app. 

Zepto Labs has done a great job porting the game on to Windows 8. Some people might find the in-app purchase high, but it's not their fault too. We're really used to the $0.99 price point for such kind of games. Cut The Rope gets:

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