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13 Jan 2013

Windows 8-Comic Director Review

Marvel And DC are in trouble.

Comic Director is one of the best funnest apps i've used on Windows 8. With an easy to use interface, lots of editing options, you could really be challenging Marvel and DC Comics. You can make your comic and share with your friends. If the comic is really good you could get featured in the popular section too.

Creating a comic is easy. Clicking on Create A New Comic opens up the option of selecting the template. If you don't like any, don't worry, there are more coming soon. Once you're done with that you have to enter all the photos and start editing.

You can add clip art, images, text and even draw. Comic Director is the perfect app to unleash the artist in you. There's no limit in creativity here.  Don't forget to name your comic though.

Draw has lots of options and you can use pens, highlighters, markers to make your cartoons awesome. There are lots of color options. Even Clip Art has alot of stickers to make your cartoons come alive.

I in fact had a great time trying out the app. I too made a comic. As you can see above Harry Potter has found his long lost brother. I even made his scar visible. 

Funny language has been used in the app overall. It's still the start, and has alot more coming. But for now, more templates, and easier re-sizing with the mouse would be a great addition. Stuff can get difficult with mice sometimes.


Creativity has no boundaries, neither do comics. Comic Director is a great app whether you're an amateur or a professional. It doesn't matter if you can draw or not. It gets a:


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