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19 Jan 2013

iOS- Temple Run 2 Review

By Saturday, January 19, 2013 , , ,

New game. Same aim..

Temple Run 2 is the brand new game by Imangi Studios. Temple Run as we all know was a fun way to pass time, running from a mutant chimpanzee (I'm not sure that's correct) and jumping, ducking and turning left and right. It's pretty much the same in Temple Run 2.

In Temple Run 2, you are welcomed with a new temple landscape, set high above in the sky, surrounded by fluffy white clouds. This is certainly different from the ground landscape back in Temple Run.

You still have a mutant chimpanzee, and you're still running from him. Jumping and ducking obstacles is still there, so is turning left and right and tilting the screen. Graphics have been refreshed, and the game looks great on the Retina Display, in fact better than Temple Run. Instead of a straight path, there are bends small inclinations. There is a green bar on the top left  of the screen. It fills up as you collect coins. Once it fills up you see a green shield, which protects you from obstacles for a certain period of time. 

Even though the gameplay feels similar, there are quite some noticeable changes in the game. For instance, there are levels now. You reach a new level by completing objectives. Instead of a big list, where you can complete any objective, there are only 3 objectives at a time. 

One of the new items in Temple Run 2 are Gems. You can collect gems while playing, or buy more. If you fall or crash into an obstacle, for a brief moment it displays whether you want to save the character. You get to play the game from the same spot from where you "died". This costs 1 gem. If you "die" again, and you want to "resuscitate" him again, it will cost 2 gems. This goes on and on till you decide you don't want to continue any further.

 Another new addition is mines. You enter a cave, driving a mine cart. To survive you have to make sure you tilt to the correct side. I've been in the mine 9 times till now, died all the 9 times in the mine. Never saw the daylight. I'm not sure if the mine is difficult or that i'm a novice player, I guess it's the former. 

If you get bored of the current character you can always buy new ones. There are only four characters currently. You can buy them by spending coins. What's surprising is that Scarlett Fox looks like Taylor Swift.

I tried the game on the iPad 3, and I did feel constant lag. The game does not go as smoothly as Temple Run did. I'm hearing that people with iPod Touch 4 are experiencing quite some lag too. The lag hampers with the gameplay, and in the end it gets really irritating when you've just broken your high score and want to set a bigger score. I've experienced it. In the end, it's still Version 1.0, so some bugs are still expected.

Temple Run 2 is definitely a new game, but there weren't any new power ups. This was disappointing. 

Where's the Android version? The Android version is missing.
 Temple Run did come on Android after quite some time, but Imangi Studios should have brought it to Android at the same time . Even Windows Phone users would get happy if a port could be made to Windows Phone 8.

In the end, Temple Run 2 is a good successor to the famous Temple Run 2. Graphics department has certainly done a good job. Temple Run 2 is definitely more challenging, and levels is a nice addition. Lag is still an issue, and Temple Run 2 feels just a bit too similar to Temple Run. Some new power ups would have been a good addition. Android is missing. It gets a:


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