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13 Jan 2013

iOS, Android- Pudding Monsters Review

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Delicious, but just not enough pudding.

Pudding Monsters is another great game from ZeptoLab, makers of the popular Cut The Rope. ZeptoLab makes some really cute characters, no exception here too. 

Pudding Monsters starts with puddings in well, a fridge. Game play is simple, you have to move around puddings, join them together strategically so that in the end all the puddings are joint and they are on the Star platform. You move them by sliding them around. But they need an object in their path or else they'll just slide off the screen and the level will restart.

The main puddings are the red ones. As you play more, you're gonna meet new Green pudding leave a sticky path as they move, which is used to stop other puddings from sliding off the table. 

Purple puddings are hypnotized. If you move any one purple pudding, all the other purple puddings will move in that direction. If you combine the purple or green pudding with another pudding they become normal.

There are quite many obstacles too. Ice blocks, ramps, pudding multiplying tunnels and many more. There are separate eyes too. If you move them to a red paint drop like thing they automatically become puddings. 

Overall game play is really fun. The puddings are really cute. So cute that i'd be a monster if i'd even think of eating them. They speak in a funny way too.

Currently there are 3 stages: Fridge, House, and Neighbourhood. Each stage consists of 24 levels. But as you complete a stage, you unlock the 25th level. The game is really easy. You can easily complete the game in two hours. Even your kid could complete the game in two hours. Once you've completed all the levels, you have to earn a "Crown" for each level. You can earn a crown by getting 0 stars, 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars to get a crown. That's when the game gets a little tough. Still, it lacks more levels. The game feels useless after completing it. 

Pudding Monsters is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. While the iOS app is $0.99, there is a free version of Pudding Monsters and a $0.99 paid HD ad-free version on Android. We tried the game on a Samsung Galaxy S3, and we were using the free version. Graphics were brilliant and ads did not interfere much during game play. So it's sensible to go for the Ad-free version right now.

More levels is what Pudding Monsters need. Otherwise, it's a brilliant game with a brilliant concept. Pudding Monsters gets a tasty:


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