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16 Aug 2013

Yahoo! Weather for Android gets a neat new update

By Friday, August 16, 2013 ,

Beautiful weather app from Yahoo!


28 Jul 2013

Personalization Of The Week: Monochrome

It's Sunday, time for another magnificent Personalization of the Week from App Funda. This week we're going with the theme of Monochrome. A subtle, yet stunning theme to compliment your smartphone. Overall black and white, with hints of grey, Monochrome really stands out from the crowd.  

Here's how it looks: 


21 Jul 2013

Personalization of the Week: Dusk

It's Sunday folks, time for another legendary Personalization of the Week.

Since App Funda got a new look, the personalization’s demanded a new look too. Home screen customizations will be cleaner, meaner, better, minimal, beautiful, and every other fancy word in the dictionary to describe them. 

This week, the Personalization of the Week is Dusk. A three screen dark theme with a very minimal and clean approach with widgets to increase functionality. You can fine tune the theme according to your preference too. There's no limitation.

1. Apps And Wallpaper
Here's the list of apps you need to download:

Download the wallpaper HERE. The original wallpaper was THIS, but I reworked it a bit to add some texture and some more darkness to it. 

2. Setting Up Everything
Once you've downloaded the apps and the wallpaper, it's time to set them up! 

Let's start with making Apex Launcher as your default launcher. After installing Apex Launcher, set it as your default launcher for easier access.

Double tap on your home screen, select wallpaper, and choose the wallpaper from Gallery. 

Double tap on your home screen again, and select Apex Settings. Tap on home screen settings and move to "Manage Screens". Set only three screens, with the yellow star on the middle one. Go to home screen settings again and set the Portait Grid to 7x7. Change Horizontal Margin to None and Vertical Margin to none. Scroll down and tick Hide Notification bar and Hide Shadows. Go back to Apex Settings, and under Behaviour Settings set the Home key action to "Show App Drawer". Set the swipe down gesture to open the notification bar.

Once you've done that, tap and hold your screen till "Add to Home screen" comes. We'll add all the widgets. Tap on Widgets. Select UCCW, and under UCCW UCCW 4x2. Once you've done that, you should see something like this:

Place the Holler! blk batt widget in the centre home screen at the top. Resize it to make sure it fits well. 

Now add the Eye In Sky widget. Select Eye In Sky Cities.

Select Climacons Dark, set the text and Icon Overlay Colour as #9A000000. Set the background colour as #00444444. Tick Icon Overlay Colour and Show Refresh. Tap on Ok. Place the widget on the third (right side) screen at the top. 

Similarly, add the Power Toggles widget. Under Button Colors, select the third colour and change it to FF89B8CA. In Background Style tap on Indicator and tick "Use same as button colours". In Background Fill, tap on Tint and set the colour as black. Set the transparency bar somewhere in the middle. Under Button Dividers, tap Hidden. You're done customizing the widget, tap on Ok and place it on the first (left) screen at the top. 

Open Apex Settings by double tapping on your home screen. Go to Theme settings, tap on Holler! blk Icon Pack. Tick only Icon pack and untick the other options. Tap on apply. Open your app drawer, select the apps you use the most and place them like this in all three screens:

You're left with one last step now, and that's switching off the dock. Head to Apex Settings by double tapping on the home screen. Go to Dock Settings and turn the dock off. 

VoilĂ , you're done! You have successfully customized the home screen of your Android smartphone. Show it off! Earn some Facebook likes and street cred! 

Come back next Sunday for another Personalization Of The Week.

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6 Jul 2013

The new and improved App Funda is here

By Saturday, July 06, 2013

Better. Faster. Cleaner. Awesomer. 

Welcome to the new App Funda. We've had a major redesign here. We've gone clean, minimal, putting huge emphasis on our content. We've also got a nice new logo. 

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